Hello world!

We're super excited to announce the RightScale Engineering Blog!

Hello World!

Every day, we build and release our SaaS products that are used by other software and IT teams (we’re B2B). We use a lot of interesting technologies and tools to build our products, and starting today we’re going to share some of the cool stuff that goes on at RightScale Engineering with you all.

This blog started as an iTime project at RightScale. Friday afternoon is our iTime (innovation time), where we can pursue projects that involve some sort of technological exploration of ideas that are novel, interesting and foster professional growth. The main goal of iTime is to foster innovation. Why? Fostering innovation results in more knowledgeable engineers, which in turn results in a better team, a better and more maintainable product, and better software and systems architecture.

So what’s innovative about this blog? Our engineers contribute to it in the same way that they contribute to our 200+ code repos on Github! They clone the repo, create a branch, write their post using the Blog Style Guide and send a pull-request when they’re done. Someone peer-reviews their post, and the post goes live as soon as the pull-request is merged. Simple.

We have already published a few blog posts and you can follow us on Twitter for updates.